Car Wash & A la Carte Options

24 Hour Touchless Car Wash Options

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Ultimate XL Wash


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Standard Size Ultimate Wash


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Ultra Wash


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Deluxe Wash


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A la Carte

Take a look at Keystone's hands-on a-la-carte options for any additional services.


Tire Shine - $6.00

Protect your tires and give them a rich, satin finish with Keystone's quality tire shine dressing. Don't just look for shine, look for protection as well. Let one of Keystones attendants shine your tires today!

Brake Dust - $6.00

Pesky brake dust build-up can make any vehicle appear dirty, even after a thorough wash. Don't get your hands dirty, let Keystone's attendants take care of that grimey build-up to restore your rims appearance.

Paint Transfer/Spot Scratches - Consultation

Keystone offers a paint transfer/hairline scratch removal service administered by one of our detail specialist. Not all scratches and paint transfer are the same so Keystone must evaluate the severity of the scratch and paint transfer before any work is done.



Sm - $5 Md - $10 Lg - $15 XL - $20
Add on a Keystone thorough vacuum process to any one of Keystone’s washes. Our process includes: 1.) taking all objects out from floorboards 2.) removal of mats, which are all purposed and scrubbed 3.) the cars interior is completely air tooled 4.) vacuum is administered 5.) mats and objects replaced in car.

Leather Conditioning

Standard - $20 XL - $30
If leather seats are to retain their beauty, it must be cared for, cleaned and conditioned. Like delicate skin needs a proper cleaning; so does your leather seats to remove dirt, oils, and UV damage. To avoid premature drying and cracking add on our leather conditioner treatment to replace lost moisture and protection… add to Mint and/or Antique Packages! Sizes/Price.

Hot Water Extractor/Shampoo

Standard - $30 XL - $50
Floorboards and/or Upholstery Seats If your vehicles interior has heavily stained or soiled upholstery seats and/or floorboards? Keystone's 3 step process applied to all Mint and Antique Packages is not enough then this add on is necessary. Our Hot Water Extraction/Shampoo cleans the deep inner fabric at a temp of 220 degrees leaving your interior sanitized and cleaned.

Dash/Middle Console

All Sizes - $10
Have your cup-holders gotten gooey? Have you spilled coffee while driving? Is your dash a ittle dusty? Let Keystone attendants clean up your mess!

Ozone Air Purifier

All Sizes - $50
This powerful generator creates an ozone atmosphere in your vehicle to attack bacteria, viruses, and odors. The ozone eliminates a range of foul odors from cigarette/cigar smoke, spilt milk or other liquids, unpleasant smells etc… *gasoline requires multiple treatments.