Why Us?

Why Keystone?

Your car, for most of us, is the 2nd most expensive investment you will make in your life, next to your home. Furthermore, you car is considered by many a reflection of your personality. Having stated this, this is a brochure intended to help inform you on what eats at your cars personality, why to maintain it, how you can maintain it, and define what you should expect from our carwash.

What destroys your car’s personality

  1. Acid Rain- caused by industrial and automotive pollution. This typically occurs after rain and will be visible in a filmy residue. “day after day, it gets harder to get off”
  2. Salt- a corrosive element that builds along coastal regions, mountainous regions, as well as during winter months. Unfortunately, Virginia harbors all of these attributes. “if not washed off immediately, then it will begin to corrode car’s surfaces”
  3. Bird Droppings- another acidic effect that sits and eats away at the surface
  4. Tar- once dried on can ruin and chip the paint. Ultimately causing a paint job
  5. Bugs- bake on the surface causing unwanted elbow grease to remove
  6. Tree Sap- could effect the paint, as well as cause extra work by hand
  7. Brake Dust- the metal sparks hit rims leaving irremovable indentations
  8. Summer Sun/Intense Heat- diminishes the wax and fades the paint

Benefits of maintaining your car
Through the wear and tear that your car endures, the blue book value of your car drops in its re-sale value. Research has shown that proper and consistent maintenance of your car can help the re-sale value up to $1,500.
Another benefit from a carwash is that it saves time, and is environmentally friendly. The average person spends 45 min. to an hour to wash his car, and uses more water, where at a carwash time is cut to 5 to 8 minutes and less water is used and then recycled.

How you can maintain your car
As stated from the experts, a car owner should wash their car 2 to 4 times a month, which helps prevent corrosive effects as well as acidic film build-up. Furthermore, it is recommended that a car receive a detail job at least once to twice a year. This not only shields your car from harmful effects but also keeps the interior carpets and upholstery with a healthy appearance. So take the necessary steps to properly maintain your car to prevent the inevitable damage and the keep your car with a healthy personality.